Planning and Zoning
May 20, 2010 PZC Meeting

9:00 a.m. Call to Order

9:00 a.m. Appointment of Local Planning Agency Representative to the Affordable Housing Advisory Board (Current Representative Chairman Kevin Seraaj)

9:00 a.m. Old Business

9:00 a.m. P&Z Rezoning Public Hearings

RZ-10-04-003 (R-3 to P-O) Momtaz Barq District #3

RZ-10-04-004 (A-1 to I-1A) Lesly Jacques District #2


9:00 a.m. P&Z Rezoning Public Hearings - Planned Developments

LUP-10-03-041 (A-2 to PD) Tom Daly for Lake Barton PD - District #4

LUP-10-03-044 (A-2 to PD) Tom Daly for Tyson's Corner PD - District #4


9:00 a.m. Lake Underhill Road Roadway Conceptual Analysis (RCA) - Work Session

Presented by: Brian Sanders, Public Works


9:00 a.m. 2010-1 First Small Cycle Comprehensive Plan (CP) Adoption - Privately Initiated Amendments

2010-1-S-2-1 KTS Consultants (LMDR to C)

2010-1-S-3-1 Christina Haslam / Truc Nguyen (LDR to O)

2010-1-S-4-1 Kendell Keith / PDG (LDR to C/O)

2010-1-S-4-2 JLS East, LLC (MDR to C)

2010-1-S-4-3 Kendell Keith, PDG (RS-LDR to RS-C)


9:00 a.m. 2010-1 First Regular Cycle Comprehensive Plan (CP) Adoption - Privately Initiated Amendments

2010-1-A-1-2 East Crown Point; Dave Schmidt Engineering



2010-1-A-2-1 Long and Scott Farms Family, LP, William Long / Rodger L. Anderson R 1/10 to GC-PD-C/O/IND/Aviation- creation of a new Growth Center and Urban Service Area (USA) expansion

2010-1-A-2-2 Tim J. Bailey, The Parks of Mount Dora, LLC / Michael D. Wadley, Shutts & Bowen, LLP

R 1/10 to GC-PD-C/O/LMDR - expansion of the Northwest Growth Center and USA expansion

2010-1-A-4-3 14646 Boggy Creek Road Land Trust / Bonnemaison / Jim Hall, VHB



2010-1-A-4-1 Al Smith, Lake Barton, LLC / Tom Daly, Daly Design Group

RS 1/2 to PD-C/LDR - removal from the Lake Whippoorwill/Lake Hart Rural Settlement and USA expansion

2010-1-A-4-5 Lake Nona Holdings, LLC / Aaron Gorovitz - Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor and Reed, PA

RS 1/2 to PD-C/O/Religious Institution/Assisted Living Facility (ALF)/Rural Settlement 1/2 - removal from the Lake Hart / Lake Whippoorwill Rural Settlement and USA expansion

2010-1-A-5-1 Columbia Elementary Relief School / Tyrone K. Smith, OCPS


2010-1-A-5-2 Corner Lake Avalon Middle Relief School / Tyrone K Smith, OCPS

R 1/10 to Educational (EDU) (adjacent to the Wedgefield Rural Settlement)

R 1/10 to EDU (adjacent to the Wedgefield Rural Settlement)


9:00 a.m. 2010-1 First Regular Cycle Comprehensive Plan (CP) Adoption - Staff Initiated Amendments

2010-1-B-FLUM-1 Future Land Use Map (FLUM) amendment removing parcels previously annexed by incorporated jurisdictions within Orange County.

2010-1-B-FLUM-2 FLUM amendment changing Future Land Use designations of parcels from Rural (1 dwelling unit/10 acres) and/or Parks and Recreation (PR) to Preservation for properties purchased by Orange County for GreenPLACE Program

2010-1-B-FLUE-1 Text amendment to Future Land Use Policy FLU1.2.4 allocating additional lands within the Urban Service Area.

2010-1-B-FLUE-2 Text amendment to Future Land Use Policy FLU8.1.4 establishing maximum densities and intensities for proposed Planned Developments in Orange County.

2010-1-B-FLUE-4 Text amendment to Future Land Use Policy FLU5.6.1 (Innovation Way) amending the distance requirement and clarifying the timeframe for maintaining adequate land inventory for high tech/high value uses in Innovation Way.

2010-1-B-FLUE-5 Amendments to the Future Land Use Element as follows:

1. Policy FLU6.2.1, to add Clarcona Rural Settlement into the Rural Settlement chart.

2. Policies FLU1.1.4; FLU1.1.2(c); FLU6.2.5-6.2.6 and FLU8.1.1, to clarify density calculations and net developable lands.

3. Policy FLU5.3.1, to change from consider adopting to adopt.

4. Policy FLU7.4.3, to amend a policy regarding the Northwest Growth Center.

5. Policy FLU5.4.4, to removing language regarding density bonuses and credits for the ELSP.

2010-1-B-ELSP-1 Text amendments to Future Land Use Element Objectives, FLU5.2, FLU5.4 and FLU5.5 and associated policies (Innovation Way Environmental Land Stewardship Program).

2010-1-B-TRAN-1 Text amendments to Transportation Element Objective T2.3 and associated policies (T2.3.1 through T2.3.16) regarding the County's Alternative Mobility Area.

2010-1-B-ICE-1 Text Amendment to Intergovernmental Coordination Element adding Policies ICE1.4.18 and ICE1.4.19, in accordance with House Bill 1021 regarding Airport Master Plans.

2010-1-B-WSA-1 Text amendments to the Future Land Use, Intergovernmental Coordination and Open Space elements amending language related to open space in the Wekiva Study Area, in addition to revisions for clarification purposes.

2010-1-B-EPD-1 Text amendments to the Conservation, Stormwater Management and Open Space elements for clarification purposes.

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