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Sustainability and Arts & Culture

Our lively, dynamic arts and culture environment keeps Orange County a leading place to work and play. Art and culture helps to attract and retain creative industries and can inspire creativity and innovation in businesses. It can build bridges between the diverse elements of our communities and enhance the tourism experience of international guests and domestic visitors.

Sculpture on the Orange County administrative building lawn at night
Progress on our goals & strategies
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Our Target Measurements
Arts & Culture Indicators Baseline 1st Report 2nd Report Current Target 2020
Recurring Predictable Funding FY 2010
FY 2015
FY 2016
FY 2017
3% of the 1st 4 cents of the Tourist Development Tax
Average Cash Reserves
FY 2010
69 days

No data available
FY 2016
92 days for UA-funded orgs
82 days for 15 large-budget orgs
FY 2017
82 days for UA-funded orgs
57 days for 15 large-budget orgs
90 days
Annual attendance to arts and cultural events FY 2010
3.5 Million
FY 2010
3.5 Million
FY 2016
3.3 Million
FY 2017
3.7 Million
5 million
OCPS schools have Certified Visual and/or Performing Arts (VPA) Teachers 2010-2011
533 VPA teachers
6 schools without

No data available
650 VPA teachers
0 schools without
708 VPA teachers
0 schools without
At least one per school
Want to get involved?

Maintaining and enhancing Orange County’s position as a leader in arts and cultural attractions will provide vibrant experiences for both local residents and the millions of tourists who support our economy. See the many offerings we have throughout the County.

Take it all in!
Choir singing in the middle of a stadium

Be inspired by performances in dance, music and theater. You’ll find amazing entertainment around the County for a variety of interests. The energy, enthusiasm and creativity will make you want to visit again and again.

Discover Public Art
Sculpture on the Orange County administrative building lawn

Visit the many pieces of public art around the County and educational exhibits. Plus, there are exciting festivals throughout the year celebrating the talents and cultures of our residents.

Making History
Children standing for a photo in front of the Orange County Regional History Center

The Orange County Regional History Center is a place where residents can learn about our history and about the special topics offered through traveling exhibits. There are classes for adults, summer camps for kids and special activities for groups. Travel through time at the History Center and experience the thrill of adventure.

Events Around the County
Man and woman standing behind their table where they are handing out pamphlets on behalf of United Arts of Central Florida

You can find an event any day, any time, any place around the County. Festivals, farmers’ markets and sporting events … the list goes on and on.