Commercial Fence Permit

Simple Fence


  1. Fences located in the right of way are permitted through Engineering.
  2. Zoning shall indicate approval on the Building Permit application and site plans.
  3. Fences made entirely of wood, vinyl, aluminum pickets, wrought iron pickets, chain link, hog wire, or barbed wire are directed to Permitting with 2 site plans showing the location of the fence and description of materials used.
    • Concrete poured around the support posts does not require an additional building permit.
    • Any vehicle gates at commercial properties must obtain a building permit through Plans Coordination and will require 6 sets of plans.
  4. Permit is issued and permit fees paid to the Cashier.
  5. Application for Land Use/Building Permit form shall be approved by Zoning.
    • The owners estimated value must be written on the front of the application.
    • Page 2 of the Building Permit Application must be filled out completely when the estimated value exceeds $2,500.00.
  6. Description of materials being used.
  7. Two (2) sets of the site plan drawn to dimensional scale with fence location indicated.
  8. A licensed contractor will be required for this project.
  9. Any project over $2,500 will require a certified copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement submitted to the Division of Building Safety prior to inspection.

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