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Public Art Treasure Hunt

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Remember treasure hunts? Here’s one that’s good for adults, families and people of all ages. We have hidden Public Art Caches near pieces of public art all around Orange County. This hunt was created in an effort to let more citizens experience public art through an exciting and adventurous journey around Orange County. We hope that, long after you track down one of our Caches, you will continue your search for art.

How It Works

  1. Gather your supplies. You don’t NEED any equipment, but if you’d like to keep a souvenir of the hunt, get a journal that you can stamp with the stamps that will be found in each Public Art cache. Then, so you can let others know that you were there, you might want to get a rubber stamp of your own to leave your mark at the site. There should be a pen and an ink pad in each Cache along with a journal for that site, but to be fully prepared you might want to bring your own pen and ink pad.
  2. Print the “Public Art Treasure Cache Clues Document” (Under the “More Info” section on the left sidebar) for directions to where the Public Art Caches are hidden.
  3. Follow the clues to find a Cache.
  4. The stamp in the cache is usually hand carved to represent that art piece. Stamp your findings in your personal journal, documenting the date, location and art piece. The journal found in the cache, documents your find. Using your own stamp (or personal drawing), mark the journal in the cache and leave your name, date, and whatever other information you would like.
  5. Place the Cache back exactly where you found it and make sure it is well hidden for the next hunter.
  6. Send us an e-mail about your adventure.
  7. Continue your search for the next Cache.

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