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Protect our natural resources Get to Know the Environmental Protection Division

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Headline 4: National Public Lands Day is Saturday, September 26, 2020. To celebrate, we invite you to join us on our first virtual nature hike on Savage Christmas Creek Preserve.

Headline 5: It's Pollution Prevention (P2) Week! Celebrate 30 Years of P2 by doing your part. Learn more and see how little changes make a big difference by visiting

Headline 6: Are you familiar with Orange County's Fertilizer Management Ordinance?
Get informed, visit

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Air Quality Management
(Enforcing the Federal Clean Air Act...)

Brownfields Redevelopment
(Redeveloping Orange County Communities...)

(Submit an Environmental Complaint...)

Cooperative Extension
(Agricultural education, Food safety, 4-H...)

Fix It, Don't Pitch It
(Reduce, reuse, recycle...)

(Parks, Green Buildings, Local Harvest...)

(Environmental Protection Commission...)

Commercial Pollution Prevention
(Pollution Prevention Saves Money…)

Fertilizer Management Ordinance
(Rules for fertilizing your landscape ...)

Flood Awareness
(Insurance program, Lake Index...)

Go Solar
(Solar and Clean Energy...)

Residential Environmental Initiatives
(Healthy and Green Living...)

Hazardous Waste Generators
(Regulatory Requirements , Services
provided by EPD...)

Lakes and Rivers
(Dive in and learn more...)

Lakeshore & Wetland
Impact Permits
(Application Process...)

Natural Lands
(For nature-based recreation and preservation...)

(Noise pollution control, What you can do...)

Objectionable Odors
(Submit an odor complaint...)

OCFL Atlas
(Proposed Development Locations...)

Petroleum Storage & Management
(Services provided by EPD, Cleanup program...)

Protecting Wekiva Basin Springs
(Ensuring clean water for our future...)

References and Resources
(Guide to protecting Orange County's Natural Resources...)

Solid Waste Compliance
(Our goal is to recycle...)

Stormwater Pollution Prevention
(Ways to prevent, What you can do...)

(Our Home for Life...)

Urban Forestry
(Protecting, Restoring and Improving Our Tree Canopy...)

Volunteer Opportunities
(Get involved in protecting the environment...)

Water, Garbage & Recycling
(Tire disposal, Harmful waste, Sewer service...)