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Mental Health and Homeless Issues Division

The Orange County Mental Health and Homeless Division ensures that quality mental health services for individuals and families, children and adults, are available and accessible in this community. The division ensures that there are dedicated resources available through a network of community partners, providers and advocacy groups. Orange County continues to lead community conversations in a continuous effort to identify better solutions and stronger outcomes for those experiencing homelessness and mental and or behavioral needs.

Mental Health Services for Adults

Community services in Orange County are provided by Aspire Health Partners, the designated community provider of public behavioral health and substance abuse services. Aspire offers inpatient crisis stabilization and follow up services such as case management, counseling, medication management and medication assistance.

In partnership with the Florida Department of Children and Families and Orange County Government, the Belvin Perry, Jr. Central Receiving Center (CRC) serves individuals engaged by local law enforcement who are experiencing a mental health and/or substance abuse crisis.

Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

Orange County provides the leadership for Wraparound Orange, a federally supported project comprised of a community collaborative of partner agencies contracted to provide wraparound services to children, adolescents and young adults. Wraparound is a nationally recognized model, provides intensive care coordination and management for children, adolescents, and young adults experiencing a behavioral/emotional/mental health and/or substance abuse disorder and their families. Wraparound Orange provides services to those ages 0-21 and is effective in keeping children, adolescents and young adults in their home, school and community. For more information, visit

Additionally, Wraparound Orange contracts with Devereux, Florida, to provide mobile crisis services within our community. The service is for available for children/youth, ages 0-17 who need immediate assistance because they are experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Anyone can call and request the service and there is no cost to families. Services can be accessed via the Heart of Florida United Way helpline by dialing “211”.

In 2015, Wraparound Orange launched a campaign aimed to reduce the stigma often times associated with asking for help. The purpose of the “This Is My Story” campaign was to create a community conversation for teens and young adults, allowing them to share their personal experiences with mental health. “This is My Story” is a traveling story-board exhibit and is displayed at events on various college campuses and other community venues where young adults gather. The exhibit encourages participants to share personal experiences or read about how mental illness has affected others. Through the experience, teens and young adults have the opportunity to learn how others may have similar feelings and that it is OK to get help.


In 2014, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs convened a twenty-member Commission comprised of elected officials, law enforcement and community leaders to develop new strategies and initiatives to address the system of care issues in children’s mental health in Orange County. The Commission was tasked with examining the resources, values, accessibility and stigma associated with early identification and interventions available to children and families in Orange County. A copy of the final Committee reports and the Board presentation is available here.

Since that time, an Implementation Team began the work of accomplishing the goals set by the Commission.

Advocacy, Education and Support

Ensuring that the appropriate direct services are in place within a community is crucial. In addition to those direct services, Orange County partners with local and national organizations that offer support and educational services, as well as advocates for those individuals and families living with mental illness.

Where To Get Help

Mental Health

If you or a family member is in crisis due to a mental health crisis, please call 911 and request the assistance of a CIT Officer or contact Aspire Health Partners at (407) 875-3700.

Other Mental Health Resources

Adult Substance Abuse Services

If you or a family member is in crisis due to substance abuse, please call 911 and request the assistance of a CIT Officer or contact the Aspire Health Partners at (407) 245-0012.

Homeless Services

If you are homeless, please contact one of the service providers listed below.

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