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Meetings between 9/19/2019 and 12/18/2019


Contact:Misty Mills, Planner 407-836-5570 email: or Nicolas Thalmueller, Planner 407-836-5603 email:
Wednesday, 09/25/2019, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location:Colonial High School 6100 Oleander Drive Orlando Fl 32807
Description:To change the future land use from Low Medium Denisty Residential (LMDR) to Commercial( C). The request is also to change the rezoning of the property from R-1A (Single Family Dwelling District) to C-2 (General Commercial District) with the intent to develop a 1,500 square foot commercial development.


Contact:Case Planner: Future Land Use Misty Mills 407-836-5570 Case Planner: Rezoning Nicolas Thalmueller 407-836-5603
Thursday, 09/26/2019, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location:Tangerine Improvement Society 7101 Wright Avenue Tangerine, Florida 32777
Description:The applicant proposes to change the Future Land Use Map designation on the subject property from Rural Settlement 1 dwelling unit per 1 acre (RS 1/1) to Commercial (C). The request is also to change the zoning of the property from A-1 (Citrus Rural District) to C-1 (Retail Commercial District), which would allow up to 22,346 square feet of retail development. The applicant has indicated the intent to construct a self-storage facility.


Contact:Maria Cahill, Planner 407-836-5322 or and Nathaniel Wicke, Planner 407-836-5332 email:
Monday, 09/30/2019, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location:Wedgefield School Cafeteria 3835 Bancroft Blvd Orlando Fl 32833
Description:To change future land use from Parks and Recreation/Open Space to Commercial (Rural Settlement) and Low Medium Density. Also a request to change the zoning from A-2 (Farmland Rural District) to C-1 (Retail Commercial District) and R-2 (Residential District) or R-3 (Multi-Family District) TO C-1 (Retail Commercial District) and R-2 (Residential District) OR R-3 (Multi-Family District). The request would convert the warehouse (golf cart barn) to allow six short-term rental accommodations and to allow the development of additional six townhome dwellings for a total of twelve (12) new units.