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Redistricting 2021

Draw the Line for Fair and Equal Representation

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At a Glance

Every 10 years the Florida Constitution and the Orange County Charter calls for a reconfiguration of political boundaries. As the latest census was completed by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2020, Orange County must complete its decennial redistricting process by March 2022.

The Mission

The goal of redistricting is to readjust the population between commission districts so that no Orange County Commissioner is representing substantially more individual residents than the other commissioners. Redistricting is accomplished by adjusting the boundaries of the County’s six commission districts to account for population growth. Decennial redistricting occurs every 10 years and is based on the population data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent decennial census (2020).

The Process

Orange County has already formed a Redistricting Project Team, which consists of personnel from the Neighborhood Services Division, the County Attorney’s Office, Fiscal and Operational Support Division (PEDS), Communications Division, and the Supervisor of Elections Office. Ongoing activities include internal coordination meetings, vetting software programs to analyze the Census data, and discussions with stakeholder organizations.

The Mayor and each County Commissioner has appointed residents to an Advisory Committee for Redistricting (ACR). The ACR is charged with reviewing the decennial census data, as well as proposing and analyzing maps reflecting various possibilities for adjustments to the commission district boundaries that are compliant with the redistricting criteria. The ACR will then recommend maps reflecting proposed commission district boundary adjustments to the Board of County Commissioners for their consideration and eventual adoption.

Resident Participation


The districts will be set for the next ten years, so resident engagement is critical. We encourage Orange County residents to attend the redistricting meetings to voice their opinions about how the lines are drawn. Individuals who are attending the Redistricting Committee meetings in person will be able to submit physical public comment cards that will be supplied by the staff on-site.

Attend a Meeting


Residents that are not able to attend a redistricting meeting in person can submit public comments electronically. Residents wishing to submit public comments electronically must fill out this form.

The deadline for submitting electronic public comment is 11:59 p.m. (EST/EDT) the day prior to the Redistricting Committee meeting at which you would like to have your electronic public comment submitted. If your public comment was submitted on time, then your name and the brief topic that you provided through the form will be read as part of the “public comment” portion of the Redistricting Committee’s agenda. Your public comment will additionally be added to the meeting record and provided to the members of the Redistricting Committee for their review and consideration. Please note that the full contents of your public comment will not be read at the Redistricting Committee meeting.

Submit Electronic Public Comment

Create Your Own Map

Residents can participate in the redistricting process by drawing their own maps of the County’s commission districts for advisory board consideration. Maptitude is an interactive online tool that will help residents visualize district boundaries, population size, and census-tract data.

View our step-by-step Maptitude User Guide:

Draw Your Map

The Results

By March 2022, the Board of County Commissioners will have selected a modified version of the Advisory Committee-proposed map. It will be effective for elections in 2022.

For historical purposes, view the 2011 Redistricting information.

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