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Development Review

Comprehensive planning, review, permitting, environmental, and special area planning

The Development

Whether you are planning a large construction project or just building a fence, here you will find information on the County’s development requirements and procedures from start to finish for your project.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

To change the Future Land Use designation for your property.

Contact: Planning Division at (407) 836-5600


To change the Zoning designation for your property, submit a rezoning application, fees and necessary documents to the Planning Division. The application is reviewed and presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which makes a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. Final approval is made by the Board.

Contact: Planning Division at (407) 836-5600

Planned Development
(PD) Rezoning

For a PD rezoning, submit a DRC application, fees, and necessary documents to the Development Review Committee (DRC) Office. Schedule a pre-application meeting with the Planning Division to discuss your project and learn more about the process.


Contact: Planning Division at (407) 836-5600

Preliminary Subdivision Plan (PSP)

Subdivision plans for proposed developments in the County are submitted to Public Works Development Engineering for review. The plans must adhere to the Orange County Subdivision Regulations.

Contact: Pedro Medina (407) 836-7904


Platting is the subdivision of property as recorded in the Official Records of the County. Plat applications are submitted to Public Works Development Engineering.

Contact: Matthew Kalus (407) 836-7856



Find information about our concurrency process, as well as links to the application forms, on our Concurrency page.


Find information about permitting processes at Permits & Licenses

Variance or Special

Variances are required if you need to depart from the provisions of the zoning ordinance. Variances relate to setbacks, lot size and frontage requirements, but do not involve the actual use or structure. (Use variances are prohibited.) You must demonstrate the hardship is peculiar to your property and not to other properties in the same zoning district. Variances are heard by the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA), which makes a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for final approval.

The County Code includes some uses that would be allowed only by special exception. Applications for special exception follow the same process as for variances—the request is heard by BZA, which makes a recommendation to the BCC for final approval. In making their decision, the BZA will determine whether the requested use is deemed compatible with the surrounding area and uses. Restrictions and conditions may be imposed by the BZA as part of their recommendation.

Contact: Zoning Division

  • Rocco Relvini (407) 836-5386

Utilities Planning
& Construction

Design standards and specifications, submittal requirements and approval or acceptance procedures for water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems that will be maintained and operated by Orange County Utilities.

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