Mayra Uribe


Mayra Uribe was elected to the Board of Orange County Commission District 3 in 2018. She is an Orlando native, born and raised in the district she represents. Mayra is of Colombian and Argentinean descent and celebrates the diversity in herself and in our community.

Mayra is a business owner who understands the concerns of those calling Central Florida home. While the economy has strengthened for some, not everyone feels that the County has done enough to address their needs.

She serves on several boards, including MetroPlan Orlando, East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Community Action Board and The Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board. She motivates her office to focus on consistency and accuracy through believing no issue is too small if it affects her constituents. She is a fierce and tireless servant of the people in her district.

Prior to running for Commissioner, Mayra was an aide to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. There she helped the citizens of Florida deal with concerns regarding the military, FEMA, immigration, transportation and labor matters. That experience hardened her resolve to serve her community.

All her life she has been a champion of civic and moral causes. She lends her efforts to several nonprofit groups, such as Catholic Charities, Christian Service Center, Boot Camp for New Dads and Healthy Start.

For nearly a decade, Mayra co-hosted The Kevin Sutton Show on ESPN 580 Orlando and iHeart Radio. She was able to reach a wide audience, providing a woman’s point of view in sports and entertainment.

Mayra is the proud wife of Kevin Sutton, director of Boot Camp for Dads, a fatherhood nonprofit program, and is also mother to 18-year-old daughter, Faith, and 4-year-old son, Lincoln. Being the matriarch of her family has strengthened her devotion to improving the lives of those in our community.

Mayra’s family, faith and focus on our community’s future gives her the resolve and encouragement to make a difference in all of our lives.

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