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ISO - Insurance Services Office
PUBLIC NOTICE: ***On April 18, 2019, Orange County Fire Rescue issued letters of notice regarding potential changes in ISO Ratings to the community served by new Fire Station 44 (located in Horizon West). These letters were sent via mail to residential and commercial property owners on April 18, 2019. If you believe that your ISO Rating has been impacted by new Station 44, please allow 10 days for mail delivery before submitting a request below. ***

Insurance Services Office

This form is used to request a formal letter from the Orange County Fire Rescue Department (OCFRD) that provides the Property Protection Class (PPC) rating for the address requested. The PPC rating is established by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) following a diligent review of OCFRD’s ability to provide fire suppression services. This rating is not set by OCFRD or any other authority within Orange County Government.

The PPC rating may be used by insurance companies as a criterion in establishing rates for property insurance. The extent to which the PPC rating affects these rates may vary from one insurance company to another, and neither OCFRD nor Orange County Government have influence over these rates.

The scale for PPC ratings ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 representing the highest level of fire protection and 10 representing no protection at all. The service area for OCFRD is currently rated as PPC 1 for all properties within 5 miles of one of its fire stations. Properties between 5 and 7 miles from a fire station are rated as 10W, a slighter better rating than the 10 that is assigned to all properties more than 7 miles away. The distance is calculated by OCFRD using the actual response route followed from the nearest station.

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