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Through the INVEST initiative the six County Commissioners were given $30 million to make improvements within his/her respective districts. Each Commissioner was allotted $5 million to implement various projects in their districts through INVEST to cater to the unique needs of the community.

Projects range from playground improvements and park additions to road enhancements all funded through INVEST.

The goal of these projects is to create the best community for residents and improve the quality of life in Orange County.


Former Commissioner S. Scott Boyd selected the Dr. Phillips Little League Fields project for District 1. Commissioner Betsy VanderLey is now leading this project. INVEST will fund $4.24 million and it will take approximately 18 months for completion. This project is a coordinated effort between Orange County Parks and Recreation, the Dr. Phillips Foundation and the Dr. Phillips Little League.

The Dr. Phillips Little League Fields will feature:

  • Four fields with a concession building and associated infrastructure to be constructed at Dr. Phillips Park, as well as 2.5 acres of land for team use.


Commissioner Bryan Nelson is creating the Magnolia Ecotourism Park and a neighborhood park for District 2. He has already completed the paving of Memorial Cemetery Road using $45,000 of INVEST funds to finish the project. Commissioner Nelson’s remaining projects include:

  • Magnolia Ecotourism Park: Receiving $4.45 million of INVEST funding to install a concession building, pavilion, dock and additional parking in Magnolia Park.
  • Neighborhood Park: Receiving $500,000 of INVEST funding to lease up to five acres from Journey Church to construct a neighborhood park that will serve the local community.


Commissioner Pete Clarke is investing his funds in road improvements and park developments throughout District 3 to bring splash pads and a playground to Barber Park, kayak/canoe launches to Warren Park, and court paving to various parks aimed to enhance the park-going experience. Commissioner Clarke’s biggest park project includes:

  • Two Generation Facility: Approximately $1 million of INVEST funds will be used to create a community center with a multi-generational approach that provides opportunities for addressing the vulnerability needs of children and their parents together. Early childhood education, post-secondary and employment pathways, economic supports, social capital, and health and well-being are the core components that create an intergenerational cycle of opportunity.


Commissioner Jennifer Thompson is pioneering the revitalization of the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge. Through INVEST, $3.5 million will be used to evolve, expand and preserve one of Orange County’s best-kept secrets. Commissioner Thompson wants the community to have the opportunity to connect with nature in order to build a healthier and stronger Orange County. The project located at Eagles Roost Park will:

  • Enhance the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge.
  • Create a new building with a community room, visitor center, animal care area, food preparation area and administration area.
  • Have a permanent building that can be used for wildlife rehabilitation and educational courses.


Former Commissioner Ted Edwards allocated $5 million from INVEST funds to develop a a new 20 acre community park in District 5.


Commissioner Victoria Siplin has allocated $4,350,000 to build a new community center and $650,000 to install 4,200 feet of sidewalk for pedestrian use and improved drainage system in Little Egypt.

*Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs served on the Board of County Commissioners from Jan. 2011 through Nov. 2018. Jacobs previously served as Orange County District One Commissioner from 2000 to 2008.