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County Budgeting

Orange County operates under a charter form of government, which was originally enacted by the voters in 1987 and most recently amended in 2008. The legislative body is the seven-member Board of County Commissioners, made up of the County Mayor elected countywide and six County Commissioners each elected from their respective districts.

Role of the County Budget

The county's budget serves as the primary tool in allocating financial resources to programs and services. The budget can serve as a policy making tool, a management tool, a financial tool, and a communication tool.

Like many communities, Orange County must balance its resources and programs between urban, suburban, and rural communities. Budgeting for a government, even one as large as Orange County, is essentially the process of allocating scarce resources to fund services and projects benefiting the community.

annual budget

The process is complex because unlike private business, Orange County has a broader range of responsibilities. We are expected to address the community's social issues, protect the citizens' interests, provide public safety and we must enforce laws and regulations. For accountability purposes, we operate in a "fish bowl". That is, decisions are made in an open public forum and, we are accountable to our citizens while pursuing goals of efficiency and effectiveness.

Each year, the authorized financial and operational plans of Orange County Government are published in the form of an "Adopted Budget Book". The adopted budget books in the following links also contain performance measures for each department in Orange County.

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