Homeowners and contractors need to be vigilant about getting repairs made quickly and correctly to storm-damaged properties in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  It is important for citizens to be aware that work done without a permit may not be covered by homeowners’ insurance. 

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Contractor

How to Report Unlicensed Activity




Use either of these tools to verify your contractor's license:





Fast Track Online Services allows the customer public access to browse and research permit activity. You can find current and historical data and other information to include checking the status of your permit, search permits by parcel or address, schedule inspections, and follow the status of your scheduled inspection.

How to Obtain Hurricane Repair Permits as Homeowners

The following items will be required by homeowners in order to obtain hurricane repair permits: 

  • Valid form of identification or a recorded warranty deed to determine ownership
  • Completed Permit application (Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Roof) based on scope of work
  • Signed and sealed construction plans (if required) for scope of work
  • Completed Owner Builder Disclosure Statement

Florida Statute Section 489.103(7), requires all property owners acting as their own contractor to complete the following disclosure statement and personally appear to sign for the building permit. This is an affidavit for contractor exemption for an owner/builder applying for a building permit.

If value of work exceeds $2,500, the following is also required:

  • Notice of Commencement form
  • Page 2 of the applicable application
  • The fee(s) to obtain permit(s) to make repair due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma are being waived. 

All forms and applications can be found here.




For contractors, Fast Track Member Services is currently offered for sub-trades license holders for electrical, plumbing, irrigation, gas, roofing and HVAC/mechanical contractors. Permits that are created online can be paid for online. Building (Including Pool, and Specialty) contractors may only use Fast Track to pay for re-inspection and after-hours inspection fees. View Registration Information.

How to Obtain Hurricane Repair Permits For Licensed Contractors




If your meter was removed at your property in Orange County, utility companies are requiring a safety inspection of the electrical system before the meter is reset. 

How to Obtain a Meter Reset Permit For Storm-Damage




The Division of Building Safety is located in the Orange County Administration Center at 201 S. Rosalind Ave., 1st Floor and are open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. For more information, call 407-836-5550 or email