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Law Impact Fees

Land Use Type Unit Current Rate New Rate
Single-Family Detached Per Dwelling Unit $478.00 $486.00
Multi-Family Per Dwelling Unit $185.00 $188.00
Mobile Home Per Dwelling Unit $334.00 $339.00
Hotel / Motel Per Room $378.00 $384.00
Manufacturing Per 1,000 gross sq.feet $140.00 $142.00
Warehousing Per 1,000 gross sq.feet $78.00 $79.00
Commercial / Retail / Assembly Per 1,000 gross sq.feet $750.00 $762.00
Office / Institutional Per 1,000 gross sq.feet $253.00 $257.00
Private School Per 1,000 gross sq.feet $88.00 $89.00
Public School Exempt under state law
Annual Index Effective May 1, 2019 N/A 1.6%

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All Building Permit(s) for project(s) issued on or after May 1, 2019, will be assessed Law Enforcement Impact Fees based on the new rate.

Impact Fee Rate Schedules are available at the Division of Building Safety Information Desk and online at the Impact Fee website. For additional information, please contact the Development Services Section at 407-836-5691.