New Commercial
Structure Permit


Submittal requirements vary, depending upon specific, individual conditions or circumstances, based on the scope of work. Typical items are addressed below as required documentation. Please see the Commercial Permitting Process and Commercial Permit Information brochures for additional Departmental requirements.

  1. Submit the following documentation, as applicable, to Plans Coordination to begin the commercial permit process.
  2. Plans Coordination will provide a Building permit number for each application submitted.
  3. A nonrefundable plans submittal fee is required at initial plans submittal.
  4. Plans are distributed to other Departments or Divisions, for review. The review process takes approximately 21 days.
  5. Review status may be monitored on our website.
  6. When all divisions have reviewed the permit, denial comments may be addressed, corrected and plans resubmitted to Plans Coordination.
  7. If a third submittal is required, a 3rd submittal fee will be due.
  8. Fees are assessed by each Division during review. Final fee totals are not available until the permit is ready to be issued.
  9. Once all divisions have approved the permit, contact Plans Coordination to schedule pick up of the plans and issuance of the permit.
  10. Permit and Impact fees are paid to the Cashier.
  11. The Inspection Record card, stamped construction documents and payment receipt are returned to the applicant.
  12. Additional sub-permits may be obtained, which are then linked to the Building Permit for record purposes.

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