East-West – Segment 2 RCA

Alternative route/relieve traffic congestion on SR 50 and University Boulevard.

Where is the Project?

A new proposed east-west road between SR 436 and Dean Road, north of SR 50 (Colonial Drive) and south of University Boulevard.

And the news is

This new roadway will provide an alternative east-west route for those residents living in the area and help relieve traffic congestion on SR 50 and University Boulevard.

Who Got Involved?

  • A Project Advisory Team (PAT) was formed with representatives from the local neighborhoods, environmental agencies and government agencies to assist during the development of the recommended improvements.
  • Five large public workshops were held at University High School to present project information and to receive input from the public during the study.
  • A public hearing was held with the Local Planning Agency where the project was found to be consistent with Orange County's Comprehensive Policy Plan.
  • Orange County Board of County Commissioners approved the East-West Road RCA Study.

Other projects

The following links provide information on other Orange County projects in the area.

  • East Orange County Transportation Needs Study - The purpose of the East Orange County Transportation Needs Study was to identify, evaluate and prioritize feasible roadway improvements that will accommodate projected traffic within East Orange County.

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