Edgewater Drive

Roadway Conceptual Analysis


Orange County Government has initiated a Roadway Conceptual Analysis (RCA) Study to recommend transportation improvements for a segment of Edgewater Drive and a portion of Beggs Road. The segment to be studied is from Clarcona-Ocoee Road to Pine Hills Road, a length of approximately 2.0 miles.


The purpose of the study is to assess and recommend roadway improvements anticipated to improve safety and convenience while enhancing the experience of users in the area. The study considers the social and environmental impacts of adding features such as, but not limited to, a multi-purpose path, sidewalk, pedestrian and cyclist accommodations, drainage conveyance and treatment improvements, raised medians, lighting, landscaping and intersection improvements.


A consulting firm has been selected to complete the study and data collection is anticipated to begin in Fall 2023.

Public Involvement

The County will conduct a comprehensive public involvement program which will include community meetings and both a workshop and a hearing with the Local Planning Agency (LPA) and with the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). Additionally, the County may hold informational meetings for small groups if requested.

Community meetings and hearing will be advertised at least two (2) weeks before each date through the study newsletters (mailings and emails), newspaper advertisements will be published on the Orlando Sentinel, study website and County press releases.

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