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Vision 2050

A Smart, Thriving, and Healthy Region

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Orange Code Town Halls: Explore the possibilities of Orange Code! Be part of this vital conversation at our upcoming Town Halls. Together, we can forge more vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods. Mark your calendars - your participation makes a difference!

Correlation Table: View the latest Correlation table with Place Types and Zoning Transects.

User Guide: Supplement to the Vision 2050 Comprehensive Plan the User Guide provides an understanding of how Vision 2050 was developed through community engagement, its purpose as a tool for future planning and a summary of chapter goals.

Vision 2050 Mapping tool: Explore your neighborhood in the interactive mapping and provide feedback on the proposed Vision 2050 Sectors and Place Types.

Place types Summaries: Check Place types' characteristics and summaries.

Orange County is fortunate to have a great diversity of environments – from urban and suburban to rural and pristine natural areas. The Vision 2050 initiative will guide how — and where — growth will occur during the next three decades.

This Plan includes a public engagement process focusing on environmental preservation, community character and public spaces as guiding principles for future development.

The Vision 2050 will be implemented through the adoption of a new Land Development Code — the Orange Code — which will focus on placemaking standards and context-based regulations. This type of Form-Based Code relies on development characteristics that are desired rather than what communities seek to avoid.

Why We Need an Updated Plan

We are one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. In fact, by 2050 the County’s population is estimated to increase by 700,000, exceeding 2 million residents. Therefore, we need to prepare for this growth in a smart and responsible way.

Smart Growth and Sustainability are two of Orange County’s key planning goals. Together, we must rethink how we envision our communities by managing infrastructure growth while preserving our priceless cultural, historic and natural resources.

Vision 2050 Equips Orange County with tools to adapt changing environmental and market conditions, preserving our distinctive natural areas while we grow in the right places and bring new opportunities to existing communities.

Through Vision 2050 Orange County is seeking to provide existing residents and newcomers with more choices for where they live and how they get around by growing connected neighborhoods with a greater variety of housing. Complete streets within and between walkable neighborhoods allow people of all ages mobilities to get around through a variety of mobility options including driving, public transit, walking, rolling, biking, or new forms of micro mobility

How to Participate

Your engagement is essential!

Participate in the Vision 2050 planning process by attending Town Hall Meetings, expressing your opinion through comments on the mapping tool, sharing your ideas, becoming a spokesperson for your interest group or neighborhood, or by communicating with County staff and elected officials.