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Fertilize Responsibly

Facts you need to comply with the fertilizer ordinance

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, Orange County Board of County Commissioners approved changes to the fertilizer ordinance.

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, Orange County Board of County Commissioners approved changes to the fertilizer ordinance.

Protect Our Surface Waters

Nitrogen and phosphorus in our springs, lakes and rivers promotes algae growth and causes a decline in water quality. Learn how you can help.

Follow The Rules

  • All areas of property covered by lawn, turf and landscape plants are subject to this ordinance
  • No fertilizer shall be applied when the National Weather Service issues the following advisories: severe thunderstorm warning or watch, flood warning or watch, tropical storm warning or watch, or hurricane warning or watch.
  • Unless you have proof of training, no fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus may be applied in Orange County between June 1 to September 30.
  • Year-round, any nitrogen containing fertilizers applied in Orange County must contain 50% slow release nitrogen until 65% slow-release type becomes available (expected by July 2020).
  • No fertilizer can be applied within 15 feet from waterways.
  • Maintain a 10 foot low maintenance zone (planted area with no fertilizing, mowing or maintenance) adjacent to water bodies.
  • Fertilizers containing phosphorus are prohibited unless soil test shows deficiency.
  • Deflector shields must be in place when spreaders are used next to streets, inlets, ditches, conveyances and waterways.
  • No fertilizer or grass clippings shall be deposited on streets, driveways or in stormdrains.
  • Commercial applicators must show proof of training by displaying decals on vehicles used during application.
  • Retail businesses that sell fertilizer must display point-of-sale signage regarding the ordinance.
  • Proof of training must be provided in order to obtain an Orange County local business tax certificate for businesses that provide landscape services.
  • Golf courses, bona-fide agricultural operation and sports fields are exempt from the ordinance.


  • Homeowner applicators (or Homeowners)
    • First violations: written notice
    • Second violation: $50.00 fine
    • Third and subsequent violations: $100.00 fine
  • Commercial applicators (or Businesses)
    • First violations: written notice
    • Second violation: $500.00
    • Third and subsequent violations: $750.00 fine

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