Garage Sale Permit

Homeowner or Community

Required Information

  • Complete address.
  • Parcel identification number.
  • Date(s) of the garage sale.
  • Addresses of all of the homes participating in a Community Garage Sale.

Submittal Guidelines

Submit in person or via email. When using email please complete a Credit Card Authorization Form.

Authorization Form shall be emailed to

Please include the address(es), the consecutive date(s) of the garage sale (maximum of two days), and an email address to send the receipt.

Garage Sales are permitted once every six months.


  • $14.00 for a homeowner garage sale permit.
  • $14.00 plus $.50 for each home participating in a Community Garage Sale.
  • $4.50 for each off-site directional sign.

Contact Us

Zoning Division - (407) 836-3111

Note(s): When utilizing email, please type ‘Garage Sale’ in the subject line. Garage Sale applications will be reviewed within 5 business days from receipt. If you are requesting an off-site directional(s) sign to be mailed to you, please allow up to 10 days for processing. To check on the status of your application, you may visit Orange County Fast Track Zoning Review.