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Rural Residential Enclaves

Small Area Study


Orange County recognizes the essential role stable neighborhoods play in fostering rich, diverse, and vibrant communities with a variety of lifestyles and housing choices. Places like Berry Dease, Chickasaw South, Lake Mabel, and Rocking Horse are at the core of what makes our county a uniquely desirable place to live.

These four communities are located in areas increasingly vulnerable to development pressure, which is perceived by local residents as a disruption to the long-standing rural character of the neighborhood.

Orange County current policies support infill to minimize urban sprawl. The Planning Division is therefore conducting a study that aims to develop strategies for balancing the equally critical goals of preserving the quality of life in all four areas while promoting urban infill.

Several workshops were held with local residents, land owners and other stakeholders to bring together a diverse range of interests and objectives for each study area. The Planning Division will now hold final meetings to review the study's recommendations, and provide attendees with an overview of the project's implementation timeline.

Schedule (2015)

  • January: Study Kick-off
  • February-September: Project Development and Outreach
  • October-November: Final Presentation
  • November-December: Work Sessions
  • December: Final Report

Schedule (2016)

  • January-February: Transmittal Hearings
  • May-June: Final Hearings*
*Applications for development will be accepted prior to final adoption of policies.


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