Tradeshow Boulevard

Roadway Conceptual Analysis


Tradeshow Boulevard, from Destination Parkway to Universal Boulevard, will have four general use lanes, and two transit lanes. The project will also include shared-use paths on both sides, roadway lighting, and median landscaping.


In 2019, Orange County initiated the International Drive (I-Drive) Transit Feasibility and Alternative Technology Assessment (TFATA) to analyze the potential of implementing a premium transit service within the I-Drive District. Included as part of the TFATA is an evaluation of the potential to implement improvements to Tradeshow Boulevard, to include the addition of vehicular travel lanes and transit lanes between Destination Parkway and Universal Boulevard. Kirkman Road is being extended south of Sand Lake Road and ends at the intersection of Tradeshow Boulevard and Universal Boulevard. The road was designed as a six-lane general use roadway with two dedicated transit lanes. The existing two-lane Tradeshow Boulevard will be over capacity once the Kirkman Road improvements are completed.


The project will be starting design in summer 2022.

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