Become a Vendor

And meet with buyers

Quality & Cost

We're looking for the right balance of quality and cost, the same balance you seek in your own business operation. Be one of the vendors we work with from our local and extended community!

Step 1 Register

Use our Vendor Registration Service (VRS) to sign up your business as an active Orange County vendor. Select up to 50 goods and services in order to find matching contracts and bids.

Step 2 Bid

Follow the link in the VRS confirmation email to download bid packages for open bid solicitations. Attend any mandatory pre-bid conferences, and submit your bid documents on time.

Step 3 Award

Bids are opened publicly at the Procurement office at the date and time given in the bid package. You can follow the final bid awards online.

Meet With Buyers

The Buyers of Procurement Division invite you to attend a New Vendor Meeting to introduce your company and learn more about “How to do Business with Orange County”. Please send an e-mail request to *. The Vendor Meeting is held on the first Monday of each month during the months of January through July each year from 2:30 to 3:00 pm at 400 E South Street, Orlando, FL 32801. Tell us the nature of your business and which Monday you would like to attend.

Contact Us

Procurement Division
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Phone: (407) 836-5635

Business Development
400 E South Street, 2nd floor
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Phone: (407) 836-7317
Fax: (407) 836-5477

*All e-mail sent to this address becomes part of Orange County public record. Comments received by our e-mail subsystem can be read by anyone who requests that privilege. In compliance with "Government in the Sunshine" laws, Orange County Government must make available, at request, any and all information not deemed a threat to the security of law enforcement agencies and personnel.