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Water, Garbage & Recycling

Water & sewer service, garbage collection, lawn watering days
If you receive a call or email requesting immediate payment and want to confirm it is legitimate,
please contact Orange County Utilities at (407) 836-5515.
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For questions about your utility bill or starting service, call Orange County Utilities at (407) 836-5515.
Bill Payment Options
(Utility bill payment methods and locations...)

(What they are...)

Commercial Recycling
(Resources for businesses...)

Commercial Wastewater
(Environmental compliance programs...)

Cross Connection Control
(Backflow prevention...)

Household Hazardous Waste
(Disposing of chemicals, Electronics...)

Landfill Odor
(Report landfill odor, FAQs...)

Landfill/Transfer Stations
(Locations, Hours, Fees...)

Residential Curbside Collection Program
(Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste...)

Save Landfill Space
(Tips to reduce and reuse waste...)

Tire Disposal
(Disposal options, Report illegal disposal...)

Utilities Capital Improvements
(Specifications, Submission, Templates...)

Utilities GIS & Mapping
(How to request GIS data...)

Utilities Permitting Fees
(Capital charges, Plan review fees...)
Utilities Planning & Construction
(Standards manual, Hydraulic modeling...)

Utility Emergencies
(Boil water advisories, Sewer backups...)

Utility Line Locations
(Know what's below. Call 811 before you dig...)

Water Conservation
(Save money and conserve resources...)

Pay Your Bill
Water Quality
(Including annual reports...)

Water Service & Rates
(Including sewer and reclaimed water...)

Watering Restrictions
(Lawn watering days, Exception for new sod...)