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Tornado (Tile Wall)

 - Ron Fondaw

NW Community Center

About the Artwork

The design was inspired by the street music that the artist, Ron Fondaw, heard in the neighborhood. The tiles reflect shape notes--a form of music notation usually associated with sacred music traditions and practiced primarily in the southern region of Southern United States.Commissioned by the City of Orlando with shared funding from the County, this large, colorful tile wall creates a lively welcome between the City of Orlando’s NW Community Center and Orange County’s Hal P. Marston Community Center. The Orlando Public Art program maintains the piece.

About the Artist

Ron Fondaw
Ron Fondaw began his career in painting, and had his first one person show in his hometown of Paducah, KY at age eleven. He earned an MFA from the University of Illinois, Urbana and moved to Miami, Florida where he worked for the next fifteen years. Ron works with variety of materials but it is the activity of drawing that continues to play an important part in Ron’s sculpture from the large-scale adobe works to drawings in cast metal and his use of lighting. Ron also taught at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill before moving to Washington University where he is a professor of sculpture. Ron has worked and lectured in Japan and Demark as well as numerous sites around the U.S. He received a Guggenheim award for sculpture, a National Endowment for the Arts and a Pollack/Kransner Award. Ron is also an active curator having put together more than twelve exhibitions. He has completed over forty public art projects around the United States, Denmark and France. As a faculty in the Sculpture area he leads The Center for Public Practice were students are involved in the study and practice of creative ways that art can be manifest in the public realm.

Did you know?

The Orange County Convention Center features a collection of life-size Florida wild life sculptures.

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