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Comprehensive Planning

Orange County's comprehensive plan

Future Focus

What will Orange County look like in the year 2030? The Comprehensive Plan embodies a community vision for guiding growth in Orange County. It helps the County manage growth to ensure the quality of life desired by Orange County residents.

Changing the Plan

The County's Comprehensive Plan includes a Future Land Use (FLU) Map, with FLU designations for all property in unincorporated Orange County. These designations limit what you can do with your land.  But the designations can be modified through the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process.  We accept applications twice a year to modify your land use designation with separate schedules for parcels under or over ten acres.

When To Apply

Applications to change Future Land Use Map designations are only accepted twice each year.

Applications are divided into "Regular Cycle" and "Small Scale Cycle" amendments. Regular Cycle amendments are for properties more than 10 acres and Small Scale Cycles are less than 10 acres.

Pending Amendments

    Review Items

    • Comprehensive Plan Amendments
    • Developments of Regional Impact


    • Comprehensive Policy Plan Amendment Large Scale - $6,047.00
    • Comprehensive Policy Plan Amendment Small Scale - $3,426.00

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