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Community Engagement

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Community engagement has been integral to creating and shaping a long-term, comprehensive transportation investment plan for Orange County that addresses the diverse needs of all of our residents. Thank you to everyone who participated in meetings and provided feedback. We are happy to report:

  • Surveys Completed: More than 10,000
  • Comments and Recommendations: More than 4,000

Mayor Demings and staff have participated in more than 200 community engagement opportunities, including town halls, neighborhood meetings, community events, media interviews and other discussions.

Transportation Survey Summary

Top Challenges

  • Traffic Congestion
  • Transit Needs
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety
Source Data, Question 6

Top Priorities

  • Building a Mass Transit System
  • Maintaining and repairing existing roads
  • Improving traffic signal timing
  • Improving SunRail System
  • Widening existing roads
Source Data, Question 7

LYNX Priorities

  • Service from home to work
  • Service connecting to SunRail System
  • Increased frequency
  • More express service/fewer stops
  • Service from home to airport
Source Data, Question 9

SunRail System Priorities

  • Evening and weekend service
  • Service from home to airport
  • Service from home to work
  • Longer service hours
  • Increased frequency
Source Data, Question 11

Key Focus Areas

Based on the feedback, Orange County is focusing on needs in these four categories:

  • Transit (e.g., LYNX, SunRail, paratransit needs, high-capacity corridors)
  • Roadway Improvements (e.g., for both County and City roads)
  • Safety (e.g., pedestrian safety, light synchronization/technology, etc.)
  • Operations & Maintenance (e.g., roadway resurfacing, pond/drainage maintenance, street sweeping, etc.)

For complete survey results, visit our Transportation Survey results page and our Transportation Survey comments page.