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Baldwin Park Trailhead / 436 Pedestrian-Bike Bridge
Baldwin Park Trailhead / 436 Pedestrian-Bike Bridge
Hours of Operation:
Future bridge / trailhead
Phone Number: (407) 836-6200
2221 Truman Rd
Orlando, FL 32807
Acreage: 5.7
Points of Interest:
Orange County is designing plans to construct a pedestrian bridge (a segment of the Little Econ Trail Phase 3 project) over S.R. 436/Semoran Boulevard to connect Baldwin Park Street to Richard Crotty Parkway, after construction on the new Richard Crotty Parkway is finished. The proposed pedestrian bridge will have accessible ramps and a 12-foot-wide trail to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles. The design follows the recommendations of the 2021 feasibility study. The project is being conducted in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation Local Agency Program. The purpose of the project is to increase pedestrian safety by providing a separated crossing over S.R. 436 and will also increase connectivity from the Cady Way Trail to the Little Econ Trail.

Little Econ Trail Phase 3: S.R. 436 Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study Report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the 436 Pedestrian-Bike Bridge Virtual Meeting #2
Below are responses to the Frequently Asked Questions the project team received during the Second Virtual Public Meeting period in January 2021. If you have additional questions or comments please contact the County’s Project Manager Grant Wenrick at or Consultant Project Manager Amy Sirmans, P.E., at .

During the Second Virtual Meeting ending January 19, 2021, 107 respondents gave Concept 2 (the preferred layout) 4.37 out of 5 stars for overall preference while 108 respondents gave the bridge 4.56 stars out of 5 for the likelihood to use for connecting between the Cady Way and Little Econ Greenway Trails.

Some people expressed interest in being informed of updated designs and contributing input. During the final design phase, newsletters or other media will be utilized to keep people up-to-date for those who submitted contact information.

The County is looking to work on the design for the trail connection from SR 436 to Forsyth at Partridge Lane in the near future. This extension would potentially run on the north side of the existing Corrine Canal.

A switchback is required on the west bridge approach of Concept 2 due to existing site constraints. This switchback will be looked at in more detail going into final design and possibly lengthened and widened some to allow bicyclists and roller-blades the ability to make wider turns. A few users recommended the placement of a mirror at the west switchback for greater visibility which will be considered during final design.

In addition to providing a bridge over SR 436, Concept 2 provides an elevated protected crossing over the existing Walgreens north entrance further reducing bicycle and pedestrian conflicts with cars. Any abrupt grade crossings will be looked at in greater detail during final design. Additional signage and road striping will be added to make all surface crossings as safe as possible. The traffic lights on SR 436 will have “NO TURN ON RED” and “YIELD TO PEDS” illuminated signs for cars turning across the SR 436 crossing when the pedestrian button is activated. Additional early-warning crosswalk signage will be placed throughout the crosswalk areas.

Concept 2 better allows for the ramps to be up to the desired 14-feet clear width. Every attempt will be made to keep the bridge itself 14-feet clear width but may be a bit narrower at 12-feet clear width if budget or structural concerns limit the width. Effort will be made to utilize the widest ramp feasible to allow users to safely pass.

Public input was received expressing interest for architectural and aesthetic treatments for the bridge. Every attempt will be made to add architectural interest in the final design.

The Orange County trails are open from Dawn to Dusk. In addition, Orange County utilizes emergency trail markings every tenth-of-a-mile so users can accurately let people know where they are located. CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design standards will be used through the entire final design process. In the final design, the lower ramping sections will have retaining walls that are backfilled with dirt to support the ramp and will keep people from hanging out under the bridge. Other mid-height ramping may have some high-gauge black vinyl fencing to keep people from entering under the bridge. Additionally, the railing will be designed to allow for open views from both sides furthering the safety aspects of the bridge. The lighting proposed for the Richard Crotty Parkway and the existing Baldwin Park Street lighting will be analyzed to see if it provides safe lighting standards in the area where the trails lead up to the SR 436 area.

Page 63 of the Existing Conditions Technical Memorandum the Baldwin Park Lake Loop Trail showed up to 930 daily users, while the Cady Way Trail at Baldwin Park Street showed up to 417 daily users in 2017 during the peak periods. Additionally, the Little Econ Greenway Trail had up to 600 daily users. It should also be noted that the peak hour traffic flow for the SR 436 intersection is as follows: 2,360 vehicles northbound SR 436; 2,345 vehicles southbound SR 436; 651 vehicles eastbound on Baldwin Park Street; and 272 vehicles westbound on Auvers Boulevard.

Many users indicated they currently travel on narrow sidewalks along SR 436 up to Hanging Moss and then back south along narrow walks along Forsyth Road to reconnect with the Little Econ Trail. By building this bridge and the trail extension many bicycle / pedestrian and vehicle conflicts could be avoided. Also, the bridge will present a viable option to unite the two popular trail systems (Cady Way and Little Econ Greenway). Additionally, the existing 30-second timer to cross SR 436 may not be activated as often with a bridge and this would further help with the flow of vehicular traffic.

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